1. Why choose Nexus Solutions, Inc.?
  2. What are the benefits of using an executive search firm?
  3. What are the costs of a bad hire?
  4. What is your fee?
  5. Is your service guaranteed?
  6. Do you represent me or the candidate?
Why choose Nexus Solutions, Inc.?
As leaders in the industry, we can provide you with personalized recruiting services as well as consulting services to ensure the quality and growth of your organization. We are interested in working for companies who strive to achieve excellence. Our primary mission is to serve our clients by understanding their needs and helping them to achieve their organizational goals. Our experience and industry knowledge in combination with our standard for hard work allows us to consistently meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

What are the benefits of using an executive search firm?
Better Quality Applicants: Executive search firms actively seek the best candidates in the country, regardless as to whether or not they are looking for a new job. Most people who are placed are happy with their current position and would not consider looking elsewhere if the opportunity was not brought to their attention. As a result, search firms have access to candidates who may not otherwise be available to your company.

Time is Money: Using an executive search firm saves a company's time that would otherwise be spent answering inquiries, screening potential applicants, interviewing and reference checking. Search firms maintain a large pool of applicants through multiple recruiting tactics; such as advertising, direct recruiting, networking and computerized databases. Therefore, we are able to recruit excellent candidates and fill positions much faster than companies using standard internal processes.

What are the costs of a bad hire?
Hiring the wrong person can be extremely costly. According to a survey done by Right Management, it usually costs one to five times an employee's annual salary. Twenty-six percent of respondents reported that replacing an employee who does not work out costs their organization three times an annual salary and another 42 percent said bad hires cost two times an annual salary. When the wrong person is hired, the company is likely to experience a decrease in productivity and morale. Unnecessary expenses include administrative costs, training and missed opportunities; revenue lost from incomplete projects, sales gone astray, and disrupted customer service. Find out how much your bad hire is costing you.

What is your fee?
Our fee is one-third of the successful candidate's first-year salary. A retainer of one-third of the estimated fee is paid to initiate the search process, another third is paid 45 days after search activities are initiated and the final third is due when the candidate begins employment.

Is your service guaranteed?
Yes. Should the hired candidate no longer be retained by our client within the first six months after the hire date, we will perform another 90 day search at no commission fee. Our goal is to provide you with a candidate that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Do you represent me or the candidate?
We form a partnership with our clients in order to provide them with candidate options and advice that best fits their needs and business culture. As an outside source, we are able to offer unbiased, honest guidance and information so that our clients can make educated decisions.